Who knew people’s imagination could be so incredible, like Emily and Adam’s summer-camp-themed Camp Miller wedding weekend? One of my favorite things is to travel for weddings, and for this one, I traveled to Minnesota. Here’s how everything went down.

Starting Out 

Emily and Adam found me through Instagram, contacted me, and we hit it off. I love it when my clients and I click and have the same ideas and expectations about what to capture at a wedding. In fact, Emily and Adam chose me because they loved my editing and photography style, and after having a video meeting with me, they really felt like I could capture the essence they wanted to remember from the weekend. I’m happy to say that’s exactly what happened.

Intentional Chill At The Camp Miller Wedding

Emily and Adam welcomed me a day before we were scheduled to head to the campsite for their Camp Miller wedding weekend. We had a fantastic time shooting pictures of the couple in their wedding attire all over Minneapolis. I loved the informality of the newlyweds, with Emily wearing a simple off-white jumpsuit and Adam wearing khakis, a fun pattern-print button-down, and orange Nikes, which they also wore on their wedding day! The couple showed me their favorite spots and things to do around town, like enjoying a coffee at the Spyhouse and taking a walk in the park.

The following day, we went to YMCA Camp Miller at Sturgeon Lake in Minnesota. Emily and Adam wanted to ensure all their family and friends felt welcome and did their hardest to emulate a summer camp feeling, dubbing the event Camp Alongside. Their efforts paid off, and their Camp Miller wedding reflected the couple’s intentions.

The guests, me included, all had a great time. Emily and Adam planned engaging events throughout the week before their Camp Miller wedding, such as swimming in the lake, karaoke, and family time, and they had gifts like personalized keychains, wood slice necklaces, and more too. The bride and groom and their families helped with the décor, creating lovely flags, decorated wood slices, and other similar things. The final result was the right amount of classiness and camp-y-ness!

A Unique Wedding to Remember

Emily and Adam’s Camp Miller wedding is one that will stay with me for a long time, as the intentional informality and chill factor went through the roof. The couple enjoyed a relaxing night in their cottage and prepared for their day in a laid-back style, going over their vows and simply enjoying themselves, not worrying about anything.

The wedding ceremony was held on Saturday morning, with Adam’s parents escorting him to the altar and Emily’s parents “giving” her away. The wedding ceremony and the shared vows did not leave a dry eye in the house, mine included. The guests and newlyweds enjoyed a nice lunch, chill and silly fun games like making crepe paper crowns and drinking champagne. 

The party continued with a fantastic dance party reception in the evening that was themed Hollywood Nights and was held in one of the camp’s covered areas, decorated with paper lanterns and a multicolored disco ball.

Overall, this Camp Miller wedding has been one of the most unique weddings I’ve worked on so far, and I enjoyed myself immensely. I’m even more overjoyed at how much Emily and Adam loved their photos. Unique experiences send my creativity and passion into overdrive, so I was ready to deliver above and beyond what they were looking for. 

If you’d like the same, just let me know!


Photography: Lindsey Zern Photography
Venue: YMCA Camp Miller

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